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panynj. technical writer

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The position is a fulltime FTE position starting with a 4-day work week (32 hours). The position will scale

up to 5 days a week in the future depending on projects and budget. The position is located at 2

Montgomery Street, Jersey City, NJ. Occasional visits to PA Offices at 4 World Trade Center, New York,

NY and possibly other Port Authority facilities are also required. The goal is to fill this position at the earliest

date. The duration for this position will be 12 months. Because of the pandemic, work from home will be

permitted until the Agency and the Engineering Department officially announce their return to office plans.

The TWBA will work closely with Engineering Project Delivery documents owners, project managers,

application sponsors and the development team. He/she will coordinate with the Engineering Department

document content owners to gather input, review and format revised documentations and deploy

them on EOL365 SharePoint site. He/she will work with application sponsors to identify the core

module and functions, document user requirement and change request, work with project manager to

prioritize the project/task, communicate the requirement to the development team ensure the

application functions as user request, document technical specifications and prepare a user guide.

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