Expert Information Technology Project Controls Systems Implementation

Our expert information technology project control systems practice specializes in implementing, maintaining, and upgrading next-generation project control management systems to assist you with planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources to complete specific goals and objectives within a specified timeframe. 


Perhaps no activity has a more significant impact on the potential for success of a large capital program owner than the use of disciplined and consistent project management information systems practices. Toll International places high importance on professional project management information systems (PMIS) and has devoted significant resources to ensure the success of our client's capital programs.

[Information Technology Lead / Business Analyst / Database Developer / Quality Manager / Report Writer / Trainer / Project Manager / Project Director / Project Control Manager / Technical Writer / Portfolio Manager / Contract Administrator]

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Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems Strategy

Information technology is a rapidly changing field in which owners must continuously set their vision on the next generation of technologies and the systems that will enable their operations... Suitably, Next-Generation Information Technologies and Systems (NGITS) is an ongoing field that provides the opportunity to capitalize on the latest advances in information technology.

[Cloud / Artificial Intelligence / Chat Bots / Block Chain / Mobile Development / Big Data / Internet of Things / Crowdsourcing / Wiki / Process Automation / Readiness / Preparedness]


Enterprise Operational Analysis, Cost Estimating, Value Engineering, and Project Risk Management Support Services Practice

Our enterprise management support services practice examines the current and historical performance of your enterprise-wide projects and measures that performance against an established set of cost, schedule, and performance parameters. Our analysis is, by nature, less structured than our performance reporting methods applied to particular infrastructure projects (such as Earned Value Analysis). 


It is more creative and should trigger considerations of how the objectives could be better met, how costs could be saved, and whether your organization should even be performing a particular function. Our enterprise management support work should demonstrate that you have done a thorough examination of the need for the program, the performance achieved by the individual projects, the advisability of continuing the progress, and alternative methods of achieving the same project management results.

[Case Management / Storm Recovery / Staff Budgets Analyst / Operational Performance Expert / Contract Support Specialist / Project Risk Manager / Cost Estimator / Value Engineer / Project Specialist / Training / Manual Development]