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EXPERT PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TOOLS to support construction contractors working in large capital construction programs

For construction contractors, managing project information is an essential reality of business. Toll Labs is dedicated to this important area of business. In our industry, we are aware of challenges such as not having the time to implement and  train on new technologies.  because we have great responsibilities in running our jobs safely, on time and within budget while observing quality standards as per the drawings and specifications. This is where our team cones into place. We get you. Our firm was founded in 2005 by a licensed professional engineer who worked in construction for over 25 years. This enables him to understand the point of view of the contractor not only in the building and enhancement of our physical infrastructure environment within  major capital construction programs but as an employer, team player and builder of community..
Connectivity to remote job sites is essential to perform work. At the same time, there may be resistance to technology from  team members who are not familiar with it. Keeping our projects and companies secure from hackers and integration between software used by us to communicate between field and office may become a point of failure. For this reason, it is important to keep both our hardware and software current.  Integration of hardware and software  can be a challenge  when implemented by the wrong project partners which many times are external to the company. and needs to be managed properly.. Many times management itself is the cause because of resistance to keep up to date with technology. We have seen this happen from time to time when a manager is still using an older version of a particular software because they are resistance to use the latest version.  The fact is that they are not always wrong. It is just that the industry continues to modernize and move forward towards progress.
Toll International offers the following 20-point Construction Technology Maturity Assessment (CTMA)  questionnaire below to help you identify where you sit in the industry spectrum. Paste your answers in the description field of our contact form  to guide you in the creation of a Visio and Execution Plan. This enables you to  close that technology gap that precludes construction companies from growing exponentially and limits their valuation in the market. If becoming a next generation player is your priority then start making the most out of technology. We are here to help.
Toll International 20-point Construction Technology Maturity Assessment (CTMA) Questionnaire
  1. How do you know if your jobs are producing positive cashflow?

  2. What do you need to do to know if you are making a profit in your firm?

  3. Are daily field reports falling behind, do you have problems accessing timely cost and schedule information from the field?

  4. Is employee tracking and timesheet approval becoming a chore?

  5. Is sharing project drawings, photos and documents a blocker?

  6. Are you having trouble accessing customer and job information from the field?

  7. Is your RFI or issues tracking spreadsheet outdated or the file corrupted?

  8. Is clearing your punch list a nightmare?

  9. Can you deliver schedules as per the client requirements?

  10. Are compliance reports to owners and regulators delaying your payments?

  11. Are you submittal and commitments piling up?

  12. Is your equipment tracking system providing you what you need?

  13. Is change management driving you crazy?

  14. Are leveraging the latest Building Information Management (BIM) technology? 

  15. Is processing work orders on the field a slow process?

  16. Is the lack of an inventory system inhibiting your growth?

  17. Is material acceptance at the job site tracked efficiently? 

  18. Do you take advantage of mobile technology? 

  19. Are you able to process payments in the field? 

  20. Do you know where your fleet is at all times?

Reminder: Paste your answers in the description field of our contact form  to guide you in the creation of a Visio and Execution Plan.

Depending on your answers, there is a variety of technology tools that Toll International helps you leverage. We help you close the technology gap by assessing your needs, identifying what your current position is and implement simple solutions based that leverage our expertise in the following:

- Project Management software
- Accounting soft
- asset management
- client relationship management (crm)
- document management software
- estimating software
- building information modeling (bim)
- human resources (hr) software
- payroll software
- scheduling software
- project collaboration software
- fleet tracking/management software
- service management software
- prequalification software
- subcontractor bid management
- invitation to bid (itb) software
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