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Mastering Problem Identification and Decision-Making: A Key Strength at Toll International

In the complex world of construction project management, the ability to identify problems, assess information accuracy, generate and evaluate alternatives, and make informed recommendations is critical. At Toll International, our project managers excel in these areas, ensuring that projects are delivered successfully and efficiently. This article explores the eighth general skill and knowledge requirement outlined in Section IA: the proven ability to identify problems, assess the accuracy and relevance of information, generate and evaluate alternatives, and make recommendations.

Identifying Problems

Proactive Problem Detection

Effective problem identification begins with a proactive approach. Our project managers constantly monitor project progress, seeking early signs of potential issues. This vigilance allows them to detect problems before they escalate, minimizing disruptions and maintaining project momentum.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our project managers conduct thorough assessments to identify the root causes of issues. By examining all aspects of a project—from design and materials to team dynamics and external factors—they ensure that no potential problem is overlooked. This comprehensive approach enables them to address issues at their source.

Assessing Information Accuracy and Relevance

Critical Analysis

Accurate and relevant information is crucial for effective decision-making. Our project managers are skilled in critical analysis, meticulously evaluating data and information to determine its reliability and relevance. This analytical rigor ensures that their decisions are based on solid evidence and accurate insights.

Data Validation

To ensure information accuracy, our project managers employ robust data validation techniques. They cross-check data from multiple sources, verify facts, and use statistical methods to confirm data integrity. This thorough validation process provides a strong foundation for their recommendations and decisions.

Generating and Evaluating Alternatives

Creative Problem-Solving

Generating viable alternatives requires creativity and innovative thinking. Our project managers excel at brainstorming and exploring a wide range of potential solutions. By encouraging diverse perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking, they develop creative and effective alternatives to address project challenges.

Systematic Evaluation

Once alternatives are generated, systematic evaluation is essential. Our project managers use established criteria and decision-making frameworks to assess the feasibility, risks, and benefits of each option. This structured evaluation process ensures that all alternatives are thoroughly vetted and compared.

Making Recommendations

Informed Decision-Making

Making informed recommendations is a cornerstone of effective project management. Our project managers synthesize their analysis and evaluations to present clear, evidence-based recommendations. Their comprehensive understanding of project dynamics and stakeholder needs ensures that their recommendations are both practical and strategic.

Clear Communication

Effective recommendations require clear and compelling communication. Our project managers present their findings and suggestions in a concise and persuasive manner, ensuring that stakeholders understand the rationale behind their decisions. This clarity facilitates informed discussions and consensus-building.

Implementation Planning

Beyond making recommendations, our project managers also develop detailed implementation plans. These plans outline the steps needed to put their recommendations into action, including resource allocation, timelines, and risk management strategies. This proactive planning ensures smooth and effective execution.


At Toll International, our project managers' proven ability to identify problems, assess information accuracy and relevance, generate and evaluate alternatives, and make informed recommendations is key to our success. Their expertise in these areas ensures that projects are managed with precision and foresight, leading to outstanding results for our clients.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into the essential skills and knowledge that drive construction project management success at Toll International. Together, we can build a future of excellence and innovation in the construction industry.


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