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Essential Skills and Task Assignments for Construction Project Managers at Toll International

At Toll International, we understand that successful construction project management requires a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and experience. Our commitment to excellence drives us to meticulously select the best candidates for our projects. This article delves into the key skills and knowledge requirements, general task assignments, and specific task areas essential for our construction project managers.

Section IA: General Skills and Knowledge Requirements

A construction project manager at Toll International must possess a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the industry. Here are the core competencies we prioritize:

  1. Project Management Expertise: Thorough knowledge of project management principles, including engineering design, construction estimating, facility operation, budgeting, and scheduling.

  2. Multitasking and Risk Management: Ability to manage multiple complex projects and risks simultaneously, utilizing limited resources to achieve goals.

  3. Technical Proficiency: Expert knowledge in developing, scheduling, coordinating, estimating, and managing projects and resources, including cost monitoring and contractor performance.

  4. Team Leadership: Extensive experience in managing and influencing diverse work groups and project teams with varying backgrounds, expertise, and experience levels.

  5. Problem-Solving Skills: Strong capabilities in problem-solving, negotiations, decision-making, and conflict resolution, with sound judgment and personal accountability.

  6. Adaptability: Ability to navigate difficult discussions and adapt to diverse situations, operating effectively amid uncertainty and change.

  7. Independence and Motivation: Capacity to work independently and motivate others in high-pressure environments with tight deadlines.

  8. Analytical Skills: Proven ability to identify problems, assess information accuracy, generate and evaluate alternatives, and make recommendations.

  9. Capital Planning and Risk Assessment: Knowledge of capital planning, risk assessment, cost-benefit and life cycle cost analysis, project planning and development, and risk management protocols.

  10. Communication Skills: Effective communication skills at both interpersonal and group levels.

  11. Teamwork: Ability to work effectively within groups and complete tasks independently.

  12. Managerial Skills: Experience in directing technical staff, consultants, and contractors to achieve schedule and budget results.

  13. Strategic Thinking: Ability to develop project strategies to achieve business goals and understand their impact on various stakeholders.

  14. Prioritization: Capability to lead, manage, and prioritize multiple assignments with multiple disciplines and stakeholders.

  15. Oral and Written Communication: Excellent communication skills, including presenting to larger groups of stakeholders.

  16. Adaptability Under Pressure: Rapid adaptability to new information, continuous improvement, changing conditions, and unexpected obstacles.

  17. Customer Focus: Results-oriented with a strong customer focus.

Section II: General Task Assignments

Construction project managers at Toll International are responsible for a range of tasks that ensure project success. These tasks include:

  1. Project Management Plans: Developing comprehensive project management plans, including staff budgets and baseline schedules for all project elements.

  2. Team Coordination: Establishing and coordinating project teams, ensuring effective collaboration among stakeholders.

  3. Scope and Budget Management: Developing project scope, schedules, and budgets, and ensuring adherence throughout the project lifecycle.

  4. Stakeholder Communication: Conducting presentations, preparing documentation, and responding to inquiries from outside entities and the public.

  5. Progress Monitoring: Conducting project kick-off and progress meetings, maintaining issue lists, and ensuring timely completion of action items.

  6. Contract Coordination: Preparing and coordinating contract documents, conducting risk analyses, and managing contract conditions and restrictions.

  7. Site Coordination: Engaging with facility personnel, resolving project-related issues, and negotiating client-requested changes.

  8. Documentation: Preparing project documentation, correspondence, and maintaining project files.

  9. Bidding and Award Management: Coordinating the bidding and award process, preparing award authorization documents, and briefing executive staff.

  10. Construction Monitoring: Monitoring construction progress, ensuring conformance to approved scope and budget, and coordinating post-award contract changes.

  11. Project Close-Out: Leading project close-out activities, including testing, commissioning, and turnover of assets.

Section III: Specific Task Areas for Consultant Services

To identify the right candidates for consultant services, Toll International outlines specific task areas requiring particular expertise:

  1. Project Management Plans: Candidates should have experience in developing and implementing comprehensive project management plans, covering all project stages.

  2. Implementation: Expertise in conducting project meetings, maintaining issue lists, and coordinating with stakeholders to ensure project progress.

  3. Monitoring and Reporting: Proficiency in updating project costs and schedules, preparing status reports, and briefing executive staff on project status.

  4. Specific Project Requirements: Candidates should have experience in managing multi-facility projects, obtaining necessary certifications and clearances, and conducting on-site inspections.

By adhering to these rigorous standards and expectations, Toll International ensures that our construction project managers are equipped to deliver exceptional results on every project. Stay tuned to our blog for more insights and updates on best practices in construction project management.


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