Founded & Managed by Nure M. Aiza Bezares, PSP, DBIA.

[ Technology Enabled Professional, Technical and Management Support Services ]


Mr. Aiza Bezares is President of Toll International LLC. He is a Hispanic American of Mexican origin and an Ivy League alumnus with bachelor and graduate degrees from prestigious globally accredited professional programs at Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Dartmouth College, New York University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, LaGuardia College, and University of the Americas. Nure is a certified Planning & Scheduling Professional by AACE International and a designated Design-Build Professional by DBIA.


He serves as an expert consultant for major Greater New York public agencies with large scale capital programs such as The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and New York City School Construction Authority.


He is a consultant for design-build mega projects above USD 100 Million and has developed the project management examples that are sold with Oracle Primavera software. Mr. Aiza Bezares is experienced in delivering training and has taught Scheduling and Project Controls with Oracle Primavera P6 at leading New York City universities. He leads Toll's nationwide expansion strategy through Public-Private Partnerships (P3), Strategic Alliances, and Joint Venture Formulation.



Toll International was founded in 2005 at a time when public infrastructure, mass transit, urban development and project costs in general were rising uncontrollably while capital programs continued to irreparably fall behind schedule and overrun their budgets.


We took the lead on assisting public agencies and not-for-profit organizations with large scale capital programs wrap their arms around their improvement projects and developed an innovative approach of utilizing science and information technologies towards the orderly planning, development, engineering, architectural design and construction of the built environment while keeping a strong focus on managing budgets and schedules.


This idea has inspired us for almost a decade and has helped us develop a highly qualified and nimble team — now with several professionals throughout the United States currently working on regional area projects full time throughout all our lines of business.


Most of our projects involve public funding and we have become experts at complying with municipal, state and federal regulations regarding this sensitive area of expertise. Our thoroughness in keeping our clients informed and alerting them on developing trends are only second to our strong work ethics and unparalleled reputation in the industry.

Toll is committed to public and not-for-profit projects. Since our beginning, we approach these projects with the intent of not just planning, designing and managing them, but also developing long term relationships with government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. We view public and not-for-profit work at the center of our mission to deliver innovative services that add value to our clients by addressing their needs at competitive rates. Throughout the planning process, Toll fosters strong and open communication with our public and non-profit clients as well as third party consultants. 

Documentation of the decision making process and the input of all project members is crucial to making and confirming the best informed decisions, particularly in the early planning phases. Managing the numerous team members also requires effective communication. Toll’s Principal commits itself early on at the project kickoff meeting and remains with the project through completion and close-out.

We conduct rigorous investigation and research at the project start and forensic studies at project ends. We have used techniques ranging from survey forms and personnel interviews to historical research, computer analysis and big-data research to ascertain the optimal approach to modifications of some of our client's most cherished landmark buildings in the region.


We develop our plans with a deep understanding of our client's design standards, budgets, schedules, policies, and operational constraints. At every step in the process we apply our independent professional judgment and communicate our concerns openly with our client senior managers. Our extensive work with government agencies has familiarized us with many unique operational, policy, schedule, and mission-critical constraints.

Toll works to ensure that the project’s goals are imparted clearly and decisively through comprehensive planning, design and contract documents that maximize our client's return on investment. We are keenly aware of the challenges and limitations of public procurement and have developed comprehensive technical details and specifications that help to make this process run more smoothly.


Our Principal is highly involved throughout from identifying opportunities to project close-out to ensure that the planner's intent, which represents the client vision and expectations, is achieved in the final results.

Toll International is quality driven rather than volume driven. We practice result-oriented rather than revenue-oriented outputs. Therefore, we are highly considerate of both our people and our clients.


We prioritize sustainability above all else. Hence, we are investing more in our quality driven results and environmentally sound decisions. We take pride in our high regard to health and safety.


We endure business challenges and respond quickly and efficiently to pressing situations. Our operations are always ready to respond to forces we cannot control. Our team is resilient, and so are our leaders. We will not stop until we've attained our client’s satisfaction and peace of mind.

OUR values



Integrity calls upon honesty, honor, and truthfulness.

Our company works with strong ethical principles and we endeavor to follow them at all times.